Cancer Cure Protocol

The following list is a cancer cure protocol that i discovered while reading about Dr. Leanord Coldwell who has the reputation of having the highest cancer cure rate in the world. You can purchase books by Dr Coldwell to learn more.

This list is a suggestion of what I might do if I really was interested in curing cancer and not being poisoned, cut or burned. And I assure you that I would not choose to let the cancer doctors open me up so they can experiment on me and see if they can figure out how to cure cancer which they can’t !

My Cancer Cure Protocol

1. 21 day full body and colon cleansing system from

2. Cancer Protocol at

Medical Fact is that cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich alkaline environment (a Nobel prize in Medicine or Physiology was given to Dr Warburg in 1931 who proved this) therefore I would always make sure that my body is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.36. I would achieve this easily with the Acid-Alkaline Protocol from

Often a relationship between cancer and fungus; Candida overgrowth is mentioned by doctors. To make sure I dont suffer from this Candida overgrowth I would do the Candida Remediation Protocol from

3. I would use colloidal silver

4. I would take vitamin B17

I would use Baking Soda with real Maple Syrup and warm up one teaspoon of Baking Soda with 5 spoons full of Maple syrup in a mug of water.

5. I would use Essiac Capsules or tea

6. I would eat, if I could afford it, only organic whole foods, fresh organic salads, vegetables and fruit.

7. I would have as much sun as my skin can handle without getting burned. Sun does not cause cancer!

8. I would buy a juicer and drink a lot of fresh juice with a lot of greens added.

9. I would walk or exercise just a little every day

10. I would eat a vegetarian all organic live food diet

11. I would take Flora-Zymes, Quint-Essence, vitamin E and cal-mag every day.

**In severe cases I would add oxygen therapy and or 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy. I would take (but I dont encourage anyone else to do it!) 8 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of Aloe juice for at least 35 days.

After doing all of this I would know I had done everything to address the physical causes of bad health.

Getting rid of the root cause of all disease! Lack of Energy which is usually caused by stress.

Wow now this is a great list of things that I would do if I had cancer. Maybe I should start doing some of these things now, just in case, and they make good health sense anyway. I already take colloidal silver almost daily. I will add more exercise and fresh raw juices and hope that I never have to really fight off cancer!

Only Answer to Cancer

Excerpt from Dr Leonard Coldwells Books:

“The Only Answer to Cancer revised and how I cured my mother from liver cancer.

Also formally published in the World Wellness Report 2008 and other publications and speeches:

“I’m sorry youre struck with this problem. In my experience there is always hope as long as you dont give up, stay active and keep on fightingand as long as the government stays out of our way to optimum health!

In my experience the mandatory treatment of slaughter called surgery, burning called radiation, or poisoning called chemotherapy, leads to unbelievable horror, loss of quality of life, the massive spreading of the disease and most of all inhumane suffering and early death.

Its my opinion that the “chemical doctors” do not have a cure and in my opinion most people would be better off without treatment than with all of the cutting, poisoning or burning.

The promotion of early detection, saying it will save your life or breast is, in my experience, a blatant lie. What Ive witnessed is that early detection simply means the instant start of suffering due to mandatory treatments and the loss of quality of life, pain and suffering and an inhumane death.

Why do I know this? I cured my mother of liver cancer that was in a terminal state over 30 years ago without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Her healing regimen was completely natural and cost less than $3,000.

The law does not allow me to practice my techniques that have led me to cure patients within weeks and often days. The total costs were usually below $5,000 dollars and the main part of my plan revolves around healthy food, herbs and supplements.” …

To read the entire article see Leonard Coldwell web site. The reason you need to read this is Dr Coldwell uses colloidal silver in his recommended cancer cure. He also mentions: sunlight, vitamin D, vitamin B17, alkaline body, fresh juices and exercise. Seems simple to me !

Pineal Gland Key to Psychic Health

Cleaning up the Pineal Glandis useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from loving dimensional beings.

pineal gland 500x375 Pineal Gland Key to Psychic Health

Pineal Gland Third Eye opens with DMT


DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – a plant medicine from the Amazon that brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and the perception of other dimensions. Those that use this medicine go into a period of “work” where issues come into awareness and can be healed with the insights that come from DMT consciousness.

For the full list of items to avoid see the the article Cleaning up the Pineal Gland. One of the more interesting aspects of cleaning the pineal gland is the consumption of cacao chocolate seeds in their raw native form. I love a drink I discovered in Nicaragua that is made with fresh raw roasted cacao mixed with a bit of spices and raw sugar, milk and ice. Absolutely the best hot weather beverage I have tried. And now I learn that the cacao is helping to open my third eye so that I can have improved contact with the universe.

Optimum Health with Purest Colloids

I have tried a dozen or more manufacturers of colloidal silver products and so I know something about quality. There are several companies that I recommend to my friends and family in the USA where they can purchase superior colloidal solutions for their health challenges. Purest Colloids is an example of a quality company producing outstanding colloidal silver as well as gold and other nano mineral solutions. The next time you are thinking about supplementing your diet with nano silver colloidal, give Purest Colloids a call.