Pineal Gland Key to Psychic Health

Cleaning up the Pineal Glandis useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from loving dimensional beings.

pineal gland 500x375 Pineal Gland Key to Psychic Health

Pineal Gland Third Eye opens with DMT


DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – a plant medicine from the Amazon that brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and the perception of other dimensions. Those that use this medicine go into a period of “work” where issues come into awareness and can be healed with the insights that come from DMT consciousness.

For the full list of items to avoid see the the article Cleaning up the Pineal Gland. One of the more interesting aspects of cleaning the pineal gland is the consumption of cacao chocolate seeds in their raw native form. I love a drink I discovered in Nicaragua that is made with fresh raw roasted cacao mixed with a bit of spices and raw sugar, milk and ice. Absolutely the best hot weather beverage I have tried. And now I learn that the cacao is helping to open my third eye so that I can have improved contact with the universe.

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