Colloidal Silver Generator

Make your own colloidal silver using a colloidal silver generator which is little more then a low voltage DC power supply source connected to two properly sized pure silver rods suspended in a solution of pure water. The process is straight forward and simple but does have some interesting effects that one must be aware of.

First it is important that the water move so that the freshly made CS will disperse from the electrodes. This can be accomplished a variety of ways, using a spinning magnetic base underneath your lab beaker with a magnet inside the bigger spinning the liquid. Alternatively you can place the output form a fish tank air pump into the beaker causing bubbling to circulate your Colloidal Silver production.

Other considerations are the state of mind of the cook at the time of production. it is important to be pure and clean and not drunk or stoned. Strange as it seems the state of mind of the person preparing the colloidal silver solution can greatly affect the quality. Many batches of CS have been tossed due to poor head space.

The one other item that I find interesting when preparing colloidal silver for personal use is the weather. If it is too humid the batches tend to over cook so less time is needed and more careful cleaning and measuring is required.

So that’s about it. you can find on the internet a dozen companies that offer colloidal silver generators for sale but only one is professional And this company, to give you a clue, also offers a High Voltage AC system for making colloidal gold as well as the finest nano particle colloidal silver.

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